Home-brewed Theremins ... and other strange devices

Theremin Instrumente / Instruments

Theremin Instruments by MOOG (modified by

EW Standard Theremin Modifications

Claravox Centennial (CV-C) Theremin  Review & Improvement


Rockmorizer Theremins

The RT-SILICON-X Theremin

RT-6SH2P / 6ж2п Theremin

RT-6SH2P-X Theremin

Modified FRANZIS Theremin Kit

Rockmorizer Silicon Theremin SiRT2017

KOSMOS-Rockmorizer-XN Theremin

US-Tube 'UST' KOSMOS-Rockmorizer Theremin


Theremin 'Termenvox' ('ТЕРМЕНВОКС') according to L.S. Termen

Discussion of Theremin Building Instruction 'S. Zorin: Termenvox - Modelist Konstruktor No. 4 1981, p. 23-25'

Noval-Theremin schematic draft approach